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Small and medium size business valuations can be hard to understand are are often very subjective. We use computer modeling to make sure we compare all the accepted methods of valuation and can make sure your business is using the correct model.

Many sellers or brokers use a multiple of cashflow. This is not always the best method and many times leaves money on the table when you’re selling, or in the case of a buyer, you can overpay.

Dandelion M&A can provide a third party valuation for a flat fee to be used in Divorce proceedings , Estate, and buy sell transactions.

Third Party Valuations

Third-party valuations can be very valuable to a buyer and a seller because they provide an unfettered validation that both parties are being treated equitably in a buy-sell close transaction.

Because the markets can be highly unpredictable — often swinging dramatically — small business valuations are very subjective . Before selling, contact us to get a free market report for your industry.